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Fences come in a variety of styles, heights and designs and most have they're pros & cons, but also different fences are best for certain areas;

for example, a garden that has alot of cross wind would be best suited to have a hit and miss style fence where the wind is allowed to pass through and so the full brunt of the wind is weakened which will in turn put less stress on the fence and give it the best possible life span.

Another type of fence that has been around for a while now is featheredge fencing, sometimes referred to as closeboard fencing.

the beauty of this fence is that where as a fence panel is made of small battens that are nailed together to create a frame and the thin boards sit between these battons, a featheredge fence is a much more robust, heavy duty type of fence that is built from 100x50mm timber horizontal rails fixed to the posts and then the feathedge boards are fixed to these. We have taken down these type of fences that have been standing for 28 YEARS!! The proof is in the pudding.

Below is small sample of fence styles that are readily available and can either be supplied or installed at competitive prices.





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